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Wasted Opportunities: Why Filipino athletes can't maximize their potential
By:  Raine Kho, Patmos C

It is an undeniable fact that Filipinos are talented in sports. Natural talent is seen everywhere, even in the streets, where young people play street basketball and volleyball or skate around back roads and highways. There could be so many more athletes representing the Philippine flag; however, there is a significant lack of facilities and funding for our athletes. 


‘It’s Like Living in a Movie’: Prom through the Years
By: Brianna Chloe D. See, Patmos A

Even before the rise of social media, prom night has been a long-awaited event by many. From iconic promposals, getting dressed up with friends, to the awarding of Prom King and Queen, prom has had a rich history throughout the years. With the significant development of prom over the decades, understanding how the current customs and practices we have in prom today came to be is necessary in order to truly appreciate this tradition. Therefore, in honor of our approaching JS prom, let’s take a look at prom through the decades:


Never Forget, Never Again: The Duterte Drug War
By: Jane Doe

On May 9, 2022, the Filipino people elected their future leaders, creating repercussions that will affect the collective for decades. In the same month, it will also be officially six years since President Rodrigo Duterte was elected.

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Cooking by the (Text)book
By: Louie Matheson Wong, Zion STEM

Picture this. You’ve been studying for your Science test for the past hour and decided to take a break. “I’ll just watch one Youtube video. Just one.” One thing leads to another, and next thing you know, you’re still awake at 1:27 AM with an open textbook and a test to study for. You’re confused, cramming, and… hungry?

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A Concise Encyclopedia of Student Bola
By:  Caitlin Gaw, Patmos C and Annika Lee, Patmos A

Essays and discussion questions can be very tricky for students, so mastering them is a challenge indeed. Some very clever students can get away with the open-ended nature of these questions by using a literary art called bola.